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Announcing MyFCC

"The customized MyFCC experience is a step toward putting to work for the American people advances in freed, structured government data and smart online design, giving them a shot at engaging in those realms of American government where so many enormously critical decisions get made. It feels, frankly, a little like looking at the future, at least when it comes to opening up government through technology.” Nancy Scola / Tech President

We're pleased to announce a ground-breaking new tool we've been working on for the FCC — MyFCC. MyFCC is a personalized experience designed for frequent users of the new The new MyFCC gives users access to the information they are interested in from a single, completely customizable page. It is powered by the rich set of content APIs published out by the Drupal FCC website, and built upon open source tools. We think that this will set a new bar for data transparency and accessibility in the federal government. The new MyFCC is currently in closed beta testing, but will be available to the public this coming summer. In the meantime, you can get a sneak peak at MyFCC by visiting, or watching the screencast below.
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