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Announcing the Content API Drupal Module

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of our first contribution to the Drupal community: the Content API Module. This module was developed as part of our redesign of the FCC website using Drupal. Steven VanRoekel talked a lot about how the new is built on web services. This module contains the code that made this possible. VanRoekel is the former managing director at FCC who oversaw the new FCC website, and was just named the US Fed CIO. The Content API module is a drop-in solution that publishes Drupal content as web APIs. The module includes a full featured administration interface for choosing which content types and fields to publish. Built on top of the Services module, the module provides all you need to publish web APIs without having to do any programming, even as your site structure and content changes over time. Publishing your Drupal content as web APIs makes it accessible to any application or platform, while allowing you to continue leveraging Drupal’s strengths as a great Content Management System. Using Drupal and the Content API module, you can create a publishing platform that includes multiple websites, applications and mobile apps, all using Drupal as a single source of content. We’re obviously big fans of serving content as APIs, so this is an exciting release. With many other government websites running Drupal, its an opportunity to get a lot of public domain content available immediately as APIs.
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