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FCC Launches MyFCC Beta

The Federal Communications Commission announced the Beta launch of MyFCC, a project we have been working on for the last 6 months. MyFCC is a personalized dashboard for power users that provides a simple way to access a broad range of content coming out of the agency. MyFCC content is powered by the Content API module, and is built using our very own Cumula Framework. Solving A Common Problem MyFCC seeks to solve a common problem: many website users who know exactly what they want, but can't easily access that content. By providing a clean interface that enables the user to customize blocks of content, called widgets, they can create customized pages that are a single point of access for anything of interest published by the FCC. Widgets are collected on a user's dashboard, allowing them to create fully customized pages containing multiples streams of information. The initial set of widgets include a Topic Watcher, Latest News, the FCC Twitter feed, and a version of the FCC Daily Digest. Lots of content can be intimidating for users, but the Dashboard and Widget approach creates a manageable experience where users control how the information is displayed. An API Approach MyFCC utilizes a content API published by Because we were able to leverage the content through the API, the time and cost to develop MyFCC were radically lower than alternative approaches. This is a great example of how a Web API Platform architecture can help to reduce development cost while supporting cutting edge applications. Social Sharing Tools MyFCC includes a series of innovative social sharing tools designed to help make FCC content accessible to a wider audience. Each widget inclues an embed code, allowing users to take a widget and embed it natively into another website. Each user dashboard also includes a 'Share' button that generates a unique URL they can send to others. When clicked, the link opens up an exact copy of the dashboard. This is a great tool for creating a dashboard that monitors a series of topics for specific content coming from the FCC. MyFCC is a new approach to open government — making the content easily available to everyone, everywhere via APIs. Using the Content APIs, the public can create their own tools like MyFCC. An exciting time for technology and government!
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